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Why Are Phone Chat Lines So Damn Addictive?

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Chatline addiction is a very real issue that a large number of people suffer from today. It is as real as addiction to food, technology and some drugs. There are a number of reasons behind such chatting platforms and telephone dating being so addictive. Initially, phone chat is seen as an entertaining manner to spend your leisure hours. However, this activity tends to stimulate your emotions and cause your brain to secrete a great deal of feel good chemicals, and before you know it, you are immensely hooked onto a chatline. So, why does a simple act of guilty pleasure often transform into an irreversible obsession? Let’s explore.

When you are in a relationship with a person, you tend to connect with them on an emotional as well as mental level. Chatlines offer similar feelings of emotional connection every time you have intimate conversations with someone on the other end of the line. You may experience the feelings of being loved and cared for, even when your mind constantly tells you that none of it might end up being true. You may never get to meet the person at the other end of the phone line physically, but you still feel connected to them.

Since you are talking over a telephone line, you may not get to see how the other person looks. However, you still develop certain feelings for them, and have a constant yearning to return to the conversations that you tend to have. As humans, we do not always connect to each other mentally or emotionally, and when we do, it is our natural impulse to hold on to it for as long as possible. This is a major reason why you may always want to return to such chatting forums over the phone whenever you find someone to connect with.

One of the most important reasons behind the immense compulsion of activities pertaining to chatting over the phone or indulging in phone sex is the fact that they can be extremely pleasurable. There is no denying the fact that any kind of sexual or intimate actions, even when they are merely in the form of conversations, offer a great deal of enjoyment and delight. Intimacy is always enjoyable regardless of whichever it is available in, and chatline conversations offer it in plenty.

Although you do not get to indulge in any actual sexual intercourse with your partner on such chatting platforms, you are often able to simulate sexual activities. Such activities of intimacy tend to offer a great deal of pleasure and enjoyment. They allow you to release all the stress accumulated within your body and mind due to the various events in your life.

The prospect of meeting somebody on a chatline is a powerful stimulator. Contrary to an actual romantic relationship with another person, phone chatting or talking to another person only over the phone does not offer any guarantee of success in terms of prolonged relationships. When you are involved in a romantic relationship with another person in your life, there are certain relationship goals that you can achieve or work towards as a couple. Phone dating does not always guarantee such success. You may be able to obtain great satisfaction and relieve anxiety temporarily, but there is seldom any future for such relationships.

You may, at times, feel that you and your chatting partner are gradually making your way towards some stability. However, this is simply a false illusion created by your mind due to the incredible enjoyment you obtain from such indulgence. You may feel that everything is well within your control, when in reality, it is not. You are unknowingly being dragged into a world of obsession. It may not be very easy to come out from that world.

There are a few other reasons behind you being addicted to such chatlines. Understanding the reason behind any obsession can control and eventually overcome it; after all, getting addicted to something that offers pleasure only momentarily is not a very wise thing to do.

Some of the most common symptoms of being addicted to such chatting forums over the phone include:

  1. Talking to your chatting partner for hours on end, even on weekdays when you know that you have to work the next day. You tend to stay up late at night chatting with them and indulging in intimate conversations, without paying much heed to the clock.
  2. Being unable to hang up the phone even though you continuously remind yourself that you need to do so. You have been talking to your chatline partner for hours and know that you need to disconnect the phone. However, you feel the craving to talk longer every time you think of disconnecting the call.
  3. Spending much of your leisure time on such chatting forums. You tend to cancel plans to go out with friends and family on a regular basis just so that you can stay back and have an intimate conversation with someone. You may also find that you prefer chatting on such forums over indulgence in socializing with friends. You may also prefer social isolation at some point.
  4. Neglecting several important duties and work. You may find yourself spending a lot of time over the phone, and neglecting many of the important work that you have on a daily basis.
  5. Constantly being on the lookout for free trials on chat forums and phone chatting platforms so that you can indulge in more of such intimate conversations. Most chatting platforms offer free trials for a month, after which they charge a monthly subscription fee. Your addiction may cause you to spend a lot of time searching for new chatting forums so that you can make use of their free trials to indulge in such chatting activities with paying. Or you may end up spending loads of money through subscriptions in these platforms.