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60 minutes $29.99
360 minutes $99.99
600 minutes $153.99
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Having been in operation for more than a decade, The Night Exchange offers what no other chat line does. It is specifically designed to target the adventurous kind as well as those who prefer after hours flirtations. It is also a good site to meet singles who share almost the same qualities and fantasies as the person searching. The Night Exchange has branded itself as the chat line ‘where adults come to play’. This is indeed the case as it creates the perfect setting for the adventurous adult.

This service can be reached by a member dialing the local access number provided depending on the are they are in. There are several unique aspects about this service. One of them is the 60 minutes free trial for newcomers. The standard price thereafter is $9.95 for the 20 minutes while there are other packages whose prices vary.

This service is interesting and has some attractive features. One of them is discretion and security. Member information is never disclosed. This includes contact information as well as chats. In fact, Night Exchange is perhaps the most secure chat platform in North America. Members are under no obligation to reveal their personal information. In addition to this aspect, the service is on 24/7. This means that singles can attend to their fantasies at a time of their choosing. Also, Night Exchange is available on Android where one can browse profiles in search of other singles. Besides this, there is a live chat room where one can jump in to see who is available for an interesting conversation. Members can even connect live through the Chat Live feature as well as record their own voice greeting for later use. Another feature that most people find attractive is the fact that at Night Exchange, one can connect with the same person on more than one occasion.

Night Exchange is also easy to use unlike other adult chat lines. The two key requirements are the local number which one is required to call and also a mailbox where one can write something about you that will determine how you shall connect with the singles out there. This is of particular importance given that this is a key part of the profile building. When it comes to chatting with singles, once can send a message or even connect via live chat. Other options include blocking, skipping or live connection.

On The Night Exchange, the member is free to unsubscribe whenever they would like to. Also, one is guaranteed that they will talk to real people. Some adult websites are known to hire people to attract members. Another interesting aspect is that one gets to choose the city they are calling from. Therefore, frequently travelling members are well catered for as they can meet singles even in the areas they are visiting.

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The Night Exchange Pros & Cons


  • It caters for the adventurous kind of individual.
  • Night Exchange has a generous free trial package.
  • It is best suited for the after-hours person.


  • Night Exchange is relatively expensive as compared to other chat lines.
  • The Night Exchange App still needs refining.

The Final Word

The Night Exchange offers a different experience to the user. One can be sure that they shall connect with people who are eager to spend after hours in good company. Night Exchange offers the user a unique and enjoyable experience where they are able to share their fantasies and desires in anonymity and most of all in a way that feels real and unhinged.

The Night Exchange Intro Greeting

You are now entering The Night Exchange. Enjoy the sexiest hour of your day with the city's hottest people 24 hours a day. We text message our members to advice them of specials and promotions, you can unsubscribe at any time by replying 'stop'. This service is 18+. If you are not eighteen or older, hang up now. We do not pre-screen our callers and assume no liability when you meet someone through this service. Find our privacy policy and terms of use at To accept these terms and continue, men press 1. Women press 2.