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Being single can be rough for many people, especially when you are surrounded by happy couples all the time. If you don’t have the energy to walk to the nearest bar to chat or hook up with a hot single, worry not! Just pick up your phone and Talk 121 will do the rest for you. Yes, you will get to talk to actual singles through this outstanding phone chat service provider. Whether you are looking for a hot date or your soul mate, your love life will thrive again with Talk 121 connecting you to a genuine single person who travels at the same wavelength as you do.

This live chat service offers everything that a single can want- right from stimulating conversation to finding true love. For women, the chatline service is absolutely FREE. Male callers too can obtain free trial service for their first call.

At Talk 121 you can expect maximum privacy. The live chat service does not require you to share your personal information or phone number while using their service. Also, you have the option of selecting the callers that you want to talk to. Options of sending messages or live conversations are available for all members. In case you are not interested in talking to someone who calls you or sends you messages, you have the option of blocking that person. Callers will be calling you either from their workplace or home, so you need not worry about your privacy being violated. The only thing that you need to focus on is what you want out of the conversation!

The first thing you need to do is call up this live chat service in their local number (where you stay). Next, when you get connected, you have to record something about yourself along with what you expect from your phone chat. You will then be flooded with recordings of various other callers from which you can select the one you want to talk to.

You can either request for a live chat or opt to send a message to someone whose greeting you like. To opt for live chat, you need to press “1” on your phone and to send a message you need to press “2” on hearing a greeting at the other end of the phone.

A big advantage of opting for Talk 121 is that you can easily re-record your message prior to sending it, so feel free to share whatever you have on mind. Also, pressing “5” on the phone after you receive a message, will block that particular caller, so you don’t have to worry about being troubled by unwanted, clingy callers. Finally, you need to press “6” in order to repeat the list of options that is provided to you post each recording.

As mentioned earlier, you have endless possibilities with this live chat service. Whether you want to engage in a steamy chat or are looking for someone who will be your partner for life, you will find exactly what you want at Talk 121. Single guys, girls and transgenders can make the most of this phone chat service.

Being a member of Talk 121 comes at an extremely reasonable price; in fact it is way cost-effective compared to other live chat services in the US. All you have to do is own a credit card and make a phone call at the direct chatline (509) 676-1000 or the local number available in the area where you reside. You can also avail impressive discounts for minutes and chat packages when you become a member.

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Welcome to Talk121. Your connection to an exciting new source of fun and romance. If you are a man, press 1. If you are a woman, press 2.