How to Sound Intelligent On The Phone -

How to Sound Intelligent On The Phone

Sound Intelligent on the Phone

In this world of constant speed, judgments are usually made based on the first impressions. So, if you were to talk to someone on the phone, and end up blurting out incoherent or incomprehensible sentences, then there is a possibility that your reputation would be spoiled for the worse. To ensure you perform to your best self, we have put together some points to keep in mind while chatting on the phone.

Don’t interrupt the other person
Every time you unnecessarily cut off your chatline counterpart mid conversation, she in-turn loses interest in what you have to say. Cutting her off repeatedly can signal a host of inimical character flaws including an inflated ego, a bad temper, and a low IQ.

Use Big Words only Sparingly
Being able to get your point across clearly and succinctly is a mark of high intelligence. Using complicated or little-known words can make anyone sound smart, but using them excessively can be counter productive. Too many big words hinder understanding, and in your attempt to sound smart, you will likely lose the attention of your chat mates. Instead, use everyday vocabulary to get your point across in an eloquent and easy to digest manner.

Mind the News
Newsworthy events such as natural disasters, political scandals and prevalent social issues are topics likely to come up in any intelligent conversation. To sound intelligent, you’ll not only want to know about the issues, you’ll want to understand them. Get into the habit of consuming news sources with contrasting views on subjects. Hear both sides of the story and will be better prepared for an intelligent discussion. As the saying goes, “a man is only as intelligent as the knowledge he possesses”, the more you read, the higher your knowledge quotient will get.

Know your Pop Culture
When you have a knowledge of pop culture, you are quick to come up with terminology that your listener would find “hip”, so to say. After all, if you guys show interest in similar things, you would gel even better and your chatline conversation would be highly fruitful and adequate. Also, a knowledge of pop culture shows your interest in various outlets, which makes you an all-rounder, and I dare say, everyone loves an all-rounder!

Take your Time
Enhancing your words using gesticulation and other types body language becomes impossible when you are communicating over the phone. Slowing down your speech makes you sound more coherent which help the other person understand what you are trying to say. It gives your brain some extra time to better organize your ideas so you can formulate more complex sentences and drop excessive amount of adjectives, adverbs, and superlatives.

Avoiding using just a simple “yes” or “no” to append your conversation; follow it up with your reasoning to why you either accept or refute the other caller’s arguments. Don’t change your narrative based on your whims or fantasies, or on those of the caller. Take a stand, and stick to it, with reasons in favor of your argument entailing it. But, do make sure that you don’t impose your views on the caller, as that would put them off almost instantly!

Have a conversation, not an argument
A real conversation involves paying heed to your listener, and either agreeing or negating their views, but ever so gently! While an argument involves imposing your views on your caller while paying little to no attention to their point of view. This leads to the formation of an abyss, wherein your caller would automatically assume that you believe in your superiority over them. And, could take the conversation to a bitter and undue end!

Avoid Dirty Jokes
You may be a joker par excellence, you may be known to crack the dirtiest of jokes, but if you want to sound intelligent you may want to avoid dirty jokes. Remember that not everyone is impervious to verbal denigrating onslaught, chatline callers especially could take it seriously due to a lack of facial expression. Make tasteful jokes, to an extent that doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Also, crack some jokes about yourself, but to a limited extent, after all, you wouldn’t want to be the laughing stock!

Don’t Overdo It
There is a difference between tactful conversation, and an outright vocalization of your intelligence, especially when you have no solid ground to follow your arguments with! Hence, if you don’t know about something, make sure that your caller knows about it, there is no shame in accepting it. Also, this would ensure that your caller has his own time to articulate his views, which would have him hold you in high esteem. Furthermore, do make sure that you thank him for the knowledge given!