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Established in 1988, QuestChat is a chat line system with addition of a mobile dating application available for both iOS and Android phones. It is the preferred chat line for sexy local single men and women across the entire North America. Particularly those who value privacy when it comes to finding the right partner via an online media and QuestChat provides exactly that.

How It Works

The fun start by just calling QuestChat hotline, then record the free voice greeting, and there you go. You can start sending and receiving messages or talk live.

To start accessing the QuestChat services, you will first make a call to a toll-free number, 1-888-770-1194, and follow the voice prompts to find your local QuestChat telephone number. The application allows for 60 minutes free trial to men, but it is totally free to women. After the call, a voice mailbox will be set up for you. This will enable you to record and send voices messages to QuestChat user, and you will also in return receive such messages.

It is advisable, in the initial stages, to record a greeting and introduce yourself to other users. Describe yourself in a way that will attract more suitors. This is done when creating a profile for the account. After that, you will be able to join the live chat room and join all the actions with those who are online too. You will also be able to browse and even listen to profiles on the chat line. QuestChat gives the users a variety of options to choose from.

Questchat Features

QuestChat comes with various features that aid someone to have fun or identify the right choice for a date. So how does QuestChat chat line work? What are the features that make it different from others?

Voice Features

Once you join the QuestChat chat line, you will be able to connect with a voice in various ways. First of all, you can conduct live chats with the chosen individual. Live chats make it easy for users to understand each other. You will be able to examine if the person you are talking to is of the type you are looking for. Thus better choices are made. Secondly, the user will also get access to other users’ profiles and listen to the voice records. Voice profiles help users to get to know the other person’s attributes and other descriptions. It is in the profile that you introduce yourself to other users so that they can get to know you. It is a summary of one’s traits.

In addition, you can record and send voice messages to other QuestChat users. Such messages can also be sent to users who are offline, then listen later once they are online. Voice features are one of its kind and Quest chat is the first to include the feature in iPhone and Androids, setting the pace as others follow. It is of significance to note that you can only access the voice features after you record a voice greeting and voice description of your personality, that is, in your profile.

Photo Features

This is also an advanced feature offered by the app to iPhone and Android phones. You can set a profile consisting of a photo uploaded from the public or private photos. This refreshes your profile and also communicates to other users about who you are. You can also send and receive photos as you move the relationship to another level. Photos communicate a lot about people’s personalities. The application has a package for photo manager. Users can upload and save their pictures in the manager. It is important to note that you have full control of your photo manager.


This feature allows the user to save other users’ profiles in a list known as the hotlist. The user just needs to click on the “hot button” while viewing a profile to hotlist it. This enables you to track them back later to chat with them again. You can also see who viewed your profile as well as who hotlisted you! So be wary when scoping potential prospects, though it can also be used to seek attention of a prospect.

QuestChat Mobile App

It is the latest addition that integrates both benefits of the app as well as original chat line system. It has unbelievable interactive features. You can send or receive voice messages, connect to live conversations and you can also flirt by exchanging photos and videos.

Additional features and benefits include:

When using chatline mobile app, you can also prioritize on who to chat with. Users can block those users they consider as undesirable. This makes user’s focus only on those whom they have interest on.

You are also able to create profiles easily with your nickname, photo, age and most importantly the category of interest. The profile gives a summary of whom you are.

The application keeps the GPS locations of individuals hidden. This important to most users who treasure their privacy.

Amazing customer service center, available 24/7 and ready to listen, help and get feedback that can help them grow.

Chatline offers a fair price and which are competitive to every customer with different payment options for your convenience.

QuestChat on TV

Join QuestChat to have fun with hot singles across North America. Save your time to find the right match for you. Since it is free to women, singles in search of beautiful women will never miss finding the right match for them. Men who pay to access the premium are assured of the value of their money for they will get exactly what they are searching for. The various features discussed above surely make the chat line reliable, easy to use and most effective. So, why not join the QuestChat and it offers you all that you desire?