Phone Dating Safety Tips -

Phone Dating Safety Tips

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There are a number of factors responsible for making the phone version of speed dating such a big hit. The most important one among them is surely phone dating’s ability to offer the opportunity of meeting attractive people from different corners of the country while staying anonymous. However, if you want to make the most of this form of dating, you should follow the safety tips provided below.

Don’t rush things

If you are new to the world of phone dating, you might see yourself getting too emotional after finding someone interesting to chat with. However, it wouldn’t be a good idea to start planning too ahead (for instance, picking the person as your future life partner) the moment you come across a fellow you feel nice to chat with. You have to remember that you don’t know anything about that individual; he/she might be a lunatic or a criminal and might not have any quality you want to see in your partner.

Have a certain level of skepticism

Having a certain level of skepticism is necessary. When communicating with people via phone chat lines you cannot afford to put on your rose-tinted eyeglasses. Being skeptical is almost a rule when engaging in phone dating.

Chat on video before agreeing to meet in person

Talking live video with Skype or Facetime on the iPhone is the easiest way of finding out whether the person on the other end of the phone is the kind of person you imagined. It also allows you to confirm whether the guy you are speaking to is actually the hot, athletic person he claims to be or lazy slob with a psycho look.

Run a basic background check

For just about $20 you can run a basic background check of almost any person online. Note that you might need to ask your date for a photo id to confirm his identity so you don’t end up running a background check on the wrong person.

If you don’t have $20 to spare on a background check service, you can try to search the name on Google. There are many free websites that identify criminals and sex offenders.

Don’t reveal personal information

Your common sense should stop you from revealing personal information like your bank details to a stranger. However, there are several instances where individuals taking part in phone chats end up doing so. Whatever might be the situation, you should never divulge sensitive personal information like bank details or your social security number to the individual on the other side of the phone.

Avoid emotional scams

Even if you have developed a strong bond with your phone dating partner, a request for monetary help should raise a red flag. Be should be strong enough to ignore sob stories and constant requests for monetary assistance.

Don’t be in a hurry to meet the person

Don’t be in a hurry to meeting the person you are dating through a phone chat line even if everything appears to be hunky dory. It has been found that people with bad intent often fails when their patience is tested. So, you should always test your phone dating partner’s patience before meeting him/her physically.

Plan the meeting in a public place

Abiding by this advice is essential both for girls and guys. If you are not happy with the meeting place proposed by the other person, pick a spot yourself. If the person insists on meeting privately, cancel the meeting.

Let someone know where you’ll be

Once you know the place you and your phone dating partner would meet, inform one or two friends or close family members about it.

Keep an eye on your glass

Never allow someone you met on a chatline prepare a drink for you. That would save you from becoming a victim of things like date rape drugs or any other hard drug.

Don’t invite a stranger home

It wouldn’t be a good idea to take a stranger home even if you feel like chatting with him or her throughout the night. Also, don’t reveal your residential or office address to the person, particularly if you have no plans of taking the relationship forward. A jilted lover might make your life miserable by stalking you.

Suggestions for individuals having plans of getting a bit intimate

Don’t hesitate to say no

If you are not comfortable about certain sexual advances, you shouldn’t hesitate to say no. You must also be careful about aggressive behavior on the bed.

Don’t divulge intimate information

Being emotional while in bed with a stranger should be the last thing happening to you. That’s because your emotions might make you divulge intimate information like facts about your past relationships, you present family etc. to someone you don’t know anything about.

Beware of STD contraction

Having the right kind of precautions is extremely important when you are having sex with a stranger. Always use a contraceptive for preventing unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Ideally, you should use a condom. Your partner might request you to not use one, but it would be your biggest mistake if you give in to that request. Never believe the other person even if he or she claims to be STD free. Here, it must be noted that homosexual men who meet via gay chat lines are the ones at maximum risk of getting infected by STDs.

Another way of avoiding STD contraction is by testing your partner for sexually transmitted diseases and infections before getting intimate with him or her. Buy an STD testing kit from a local pharmacy and use it to find whether the person in actually STD free. Here, it must be mentioned that the results offered by these kits might not be 100 percent accurate. So, using a condom would always be the wiser option.