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20 minutes $9.99
150 minutes $49.00
380 minutes $99.00
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Nightline Chat is North America’s chat line for adults that allows for late night voice chatting. The app allows members to enjoy flirty and dirty talking either via the phone or mobile application. Join Nightline Chatline to connect with other users erotically. It the busiest night chat line in North America. It is important to note that the chat line agrees to all kinds of different conversation. Therefore, you can either join to have an erotic chat, searching for long term relationship or more. It is the exclusive way of letting the hottest singles in North America wake the bliss in you.

You need to create an account with the application. This involves setting up your profile. After that, you dial your local number that will always be provided and shown by the Nightline Chatline application on the top right corner of your browser. This will induct you into a group of callers in your surrounding thus ensuring that you chat with members closer to your location. Then you will be able to create your voice mailbox. This mailbox is only accessible to you. Creation of a personal mailbox leads to another option of saving personal preferences. Messages can now be sent directly to your mailbox. Nightline allows you to choose who you would like to talk to hence the caller is always in full control of his or her choice. It is of significance to note that Nightline Chatline services are free to women while men only receive a limited free trial.


It is easy to use. Creation of Nightline Chatline account is easy, making it attractive to potential users. Once the account is created, their website automatically detects your location, providing you with a local number to dial. Dialing the number routinely adds you into a group. You don’t need to go through the hustle of searching the perfect group. The Android app even makes it even easier because of the inbuilt GPS technology that spontaneously detects your location. After that, the app connects you to local members who actively use the chat line.

Since the app is only operational in North America, its members reside in North America only. This allows members of close proximity to connect and maybe when the relationship move to a higher level, members can plan for a real date without thinking of traveling to other continents. Its membership consists of more men than women. To entice women to join, the app is free for women to access while men have 30 minutes free trial and after that, they have to pay to access more features.

Voice features. The app available for Android allows you to create and listen voice profiles. You can also explore further by sending and receiving voice messages, and also have a one-on-one conversation.

The Nightline Chatline services are free to all new users. The services are totally free to women. However, Men are allowed a free trial, for 30 minutes. Thereafter, men pay for premium services that are categorized in three packages: $9.99 for 20 minutes, $24.50 for 150 minutes, and $49.50 for 380 minutes.

Call anytime, be it night or day; the Nightline Chatline is available for you to connect with single within your area. You can also switch from one chat category to the next depending on how you want to steer your night or day’s conversation. At Nightline Chatline you get 24 hours of exclusive chats.

Privacy. Nightline Chatline app keeps one’s identity, location, and phone away from other users’ accessibility. You can chat with an absolute peace of mind. It uses the state of the art software to ensure that you remain anonymous as you choose to. It’s 100% secure, so you can focus on the conversation as Nightline Chatline deals with logistics.

You can also block undesirable users. This helps you to focus on those users you are interested with.

“Naughty is nice” is the slogan they use. For fun and excitement, Nightline Chatline app is the place to be. Flirty, erotic and even dirty real time voice chat with guaranteed safety and privacy is what Nightline Chatline offers to you. It is easy to use and also effective in delivering fine voice communication.

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