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Two Days $9.00
One Week $15.00
Two Weeks $25.00
Four Weeks $45.00
Eight Weeks $80.00

Sometimes life is more fun with change and so should dating. The same way you manage to change jobs, perception and even lifestyle, should aspire you to catch up with the rapidly evolving dating scene. Livematch offers you that unique opportunity in the palm of your hands. It understands life is already too cumbersome to be alone. You need someone to talk to, laugh with and whisper those classic sweet nothings. With Livematch, you don’t have to lie in bed feeling sorry for yourself. It takes only two minutes to strike a warm conversation. The voice aspect of Livematch makes it even more real and soothing. It’s the latest trend in Canada and US, don’t be left behind!

How LiveMatch Works

  • Livematch knows you run on busy schedule. That’s why it makes it easier for you to connect with your match. You get to hear their voice, message and experience the magic for yourself in a matter of minutes.
  • Unlike in the traditional dating setup where there can be obstacles. Once you sign up to Livematch, all choices are yours to make. There are no friends, in-laws and even annoying stalkers to spoil your chances. You make a move and control how far it goes.
  • Perusing through the site is a piece of cake. You don’t need an IT guru to help you out. The instructions are simple, precise and easy to tackle.
  • Women joining the site can have a happy dance as it’s free. The free package trial applies to all first-time callers. You get to enjoy a full hour of free messages and chats with whoever your mind chooses.
  • Your first call to the chat line sets you up for free basic membership. You get to record your voice message without using your full names.
  • Men get the best experience by joining VIP membership from as little as $9. Here you gain unlimited access to calls, chats, forums, etc.

Livematch Features

  • Daily “Happy Hour” free chat period.
  • The livelounge your first connection with new members.
  • Chatrooms for group formation.
  • Member forums for same interest interactions.
  • Livecall enables you to remain accessible even when offline.
  • Free lifetime chats for women.
  • Generous 1-hour free trial for men.
  • Block callers you are not interested in.


  • LiveMatch is the only chat line offering free chat during “happy hour”.
  • Keeps your identity anonymous and is safe to interact with other eager singles.
  • User created forums for unrestricted conversations.


  • Men have to pay to gain unlimited access
  • Occasional delays due to heavy traffic
  • Ugly and outdated website

The Final Word

We recommend at least trying out LiveMatch. It’s relative popularity and affordable pricing means you get the power to interact with whoever you want. It’s ideal for both single men and women with different personalities. So if you are on a fun chat line, give Livematch a try. Ladies you don’t have to pay a cent to feel desirable. Men, you get value for your money chatting with the most attractive and straightforward ladies, with clear ambitions.