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Grapevine links single men and women with each other based on their location and registered preferences. This service also allows users to record greetings and personal messages that they can exchange via individual mailbox numbers that are assigned to them. Grapevine is available in many cities, which is great because it means that if you sign up you won’t have any trouble finding members that you can connect with in your region.

No matter what kind of person you’re seeking, the Grapevine Personals Chat Line is a great place to find single men or women who are looking for the same things you are. This platform, established in 1998, has grown to become one of the leading chat line in Canada and has experienced continued success over the years.

Grapevine offers free 30-minute trials to all new members. This is great because it allows you can familiarize yourself with the Grapevine phone chat line and even listen to other peoples’ profiles before spending any money. Women chat for free for a lifetime.

The most noticeable feature about the people on Grapevine is that there is no particular bias toward any kind of person. Grapevine has a refreshingly diverse mix of people for you to choose from. This is great because it means that they can cater to a wider range of clients with varied tastes.

There aren’t any paid operators or moderators on Grapevine Personals, which means that it’s just you and the person you’ve chosen having private conversations at all times.

How Does Grapevine Work?

All you need to get started on Grapevine is a phone. Just enter your area code on the site to find the system that’s nearest to you and then call. You will be given a passcode for a free mailbox which allows you to exchange messages with other members.

Upon receiving your mailbox, you can now leave a message describing yourself and detailing what you are hoping to find at Grapevine. Let your personality show through in order to ensure that your message is unique and attractive.

The next step is to listen to the messages from other Grapevine users and find the one that gets your heart pumping. You can either ask that person to chat with you in private or you can send a message to them. This is the part where all those great features like the Flirting feature come in.


The interface on the Grapevine Personals website is quite easy to use. Even first-time users find it simple to navigate, but just in case anyone needs a little extra help, when you sign up they send you easy-to-follow instructions on how to find your way around the site. To make it even more convenient for users, Grapevine Personals can be accessed using both landline and mobile. In case you have any questions, they also have a very informative FAQ section where you can find the answers to lots of questions regarding the phone chat service.

Grapevine Personals’s Features

Grapevine has features that callers appreciate greatly including:

  • Favorites Category – Save your favorite ad category so you don’t have to redo it every time you chat
  • Flirting – Lets you send pre-recorded messages quickly and easily
  • VIP List – Convenient for keeping track of all your favorite callers
  • Cheat Notes – Reminders to yourself about specific callers so you don’t get them mixed up!
  • Cell Phone Text Alerts – Alerts you when there are new messages in your inbox
  • The Vine – Where all the members can mix and mingle

You can use these features to personalize your experience on Grapevine Personals. This service is unique on its own, but being able to customize it further this way is a wonderful feature that makes everyone feel at home on the site.

The Final Word

Millions of people sign up to Grapevine Personals in the hopes of making a real connection with someone else whether it’s as friends, lovers, or even a casual fling. Whatever your preferences are, you will always find what you’re searching for on Grapevine.

Grapevine Personals is a great platform that offers everything one could possibly need to search, select, and chat with individuals of their preference. If you are someone who is looking to make a connection quickly and easily, this site is ideal for you. Here you will find countless others like you who are searching for their next date, friend, casual fling, or life partner.