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Fonochat was launched in 1990 as an experimental phone service into which hispanics living in North America could call-in to be connected to other hispanic members of the opposite sex. Since then, Fonochat has become the largest latino targeted phone dating chatline in the US and Canada.

Although the party line was initially envisioned to cater to spanish speaking audience only, Fonochat now hosts both spanish and english speaking callers on their massive phone platform.

This chatline is a secure and confidential program providing an engaging platform to chat and meet with Latin singles. It is a perfect place to express your personality and establish immediate, real connections.

Fonochat appreciates the uniqueness of the Hispanic culture and aims to offer a hassle-free link for you to meet other exciting and passionate singles. You can connect naturally for relationships, friendship or fun.

A phone chatline is a unique way to link with singles since you get to hear their voices and follow your instinct for who you desire to begin talking to. FonoChat avoids carefully planned texting and the online profile analysis and gets you right to a genuine interaction.

Getting started with Fonochat is straightforward. Just call their toll-free number at 1-888-822-7862 and follow the instructions. The interactive voice prompt will ask you to record your name followed by an introductory greeting to represent you on the line. In case you are not sure what to say, you can press a key to listen to sample greetings before recording your own.

After your recording is approved by one of Fonochat’s moderators, you can start listening to greetings of members of the opposite sex. At any point while the greeting is playing, you can then send the other person a private message, ask her or him to join you in a private conversation, or skip to the next greeting.

Also, you can make good use of other excellent features, such as adding other callers to your Hotlist, so you will be alerted when they are on the line, sending ice-breakers to start a conversation quickly, and blocking callers who you are not interested in. With FonoChat, you will always control every move.

To acquire your local FonoChat number, you enter your area code in the header and then click Go (the arrow). Call the number displayed for your local area – remember to take note of the Free Trial Code. The voice prompts will then guide you through the system.

In addition to the free trial features, paid membership get access to additional features and benefits including:

  • Access from any phone number: Therefore, you can connect to FonoChat from any region of the world.
  • Prioritized customer Service: Skip the line and meet their friendly Client Service agents faster, so you can go back to chatting with singles as quickly as possible.
  • Quick Renewal: Adding minutes is made easy and fast. This is useful when you’re in the middle of a conversation with a sexy Latina you desire to keep talking to. They hold that call for you as you proceed to add minutes quickly.
  • Priority Access: FonoChat are always busy, and some days or certain times of day can be particularly popular. As a Paid Member, you’ve priority access to the system, and will never experience a busy signal – your access is always guaranteed.
  • Ad-Free Chating: FonoChat understands that you want to chat with beautiful ladies, not listening to ads. Paid Members can browse through the greetings of women without any distraction from the sponsor ads.
  • Priority messaging: Hear a message from a lady you desire to talk to? The Members-only choice sends your message to her ahead of Free Trial users.
  • Web Self-Service: Paying members can access online self-service to add minutes, check their balance, and manage their account.
  • Saved Greeting: Use your recorded greeting, so you do not need to develop a new one each time. You can jump right in and chat with the ladies!
  • Loyalty Program – Earn bonus chat time and enjoy rewards for being a loyal Paid Member.

Fonochat is completely free for ladies. No one will ever ask for any credit card information; your fun is always on Fonochat! All women qualify for a free membership that offers you more choices and better experience.

Fonochat Intro Greeting

Welcome to Fonochat &emdash; the hottest place to meet latinos. Fonochat is for callers 18 and over &emdash if that's not you hang up now, if it is you get ready to have some fun. Guys, press 1 to talk to women. Women, press 2 to talk to men.