Calling Chat Lines Is Free For Women -

Calling Chat Lines Is Free For Women

Woman lying on couch while talking on the phone

I have a secret – I like to call chat lines to meet new people. I’m a single woman, and yes, I date, but I also like a break from the scene. Sometimes I prefer to hang out in my yoga pants and cami, instead of blowing out my hair and putting on make-up. I like chat lines because I can also have a conversation with someone without loud music in the background, and without any expectation that comes from a Tinder match.

I know some men find it unfair that they have to pay to chat, while I can talk for free, but as a woman, I’d never call a chat line and pay to talk to men. Chat line companies know that us women are much less likely to pay to chat. Jamming the line with female callers, the chatlines create an incentive for men to call and pay. Nothing is worse for a guy wanting to chat up a lady than a chat room full of other men. By giving free chat access to women, chat line companies can assure there are plenty of options for paying men to choose from.

As a woman, I can tell you we will spend a lot of time and money to meet a man – we take care of our looks, including hair, gym time, and dental visits (gotta have that smile!). I’ve spent longer deciding on my chat message than I have taking pictures for my Tinder profile – I want to attract someone interesting. We’ll spend a lot for the perfect dress and lingerie, and we’ll pay for our own Uber to go out, but most women I know will draw a line in the sand when it comes to paying a cover in a bar or paying to talk on chat lines.

We love ladies night because we know men will show up. We like free talk for ladies because we know men will be there. Knowing that a man is spending his money to come meet us makes us feel pursued, which deep down, we all like.

Men like variety and options – and a chat line with lots of different women to choose from provides that. By giving men enough choices, the chat lines are a good value. I’m flattered when a guy chooses to talk to me – I’m worth his time and effort. And I already know we have something in common – we like meeting people but we also like to kick it in sweats sometimes. Plus, you can really make a connection with a conversation over the phone – sometimes nuances get lost in texting.

If I’m lonely and want to talk to someone new, I like knowing that when I call my favorite chat line, there will be local men available who can hold a conversation. It’s nice to slow down a little and talk to someone before you make a judgment based on appearances. And I’ll tell you another secret – I’m not the only woman I know doing this.