Beware of Minors Posing as Adults on Phone Dating Chat Lines -

Beware of Minors Posing as Adults on Phone Dating Chat Lines

Teenage girl in handcuffs

Phone dating chat lines are for adults only. It’s made abundantly clear this is the case every time you make the phone call to access the chat line. For those of you who have called the chat line of your choice in the past, you have heard this notification at some point, usually during the intro greeting. However, despite the warnings and calls to action for minors to hang up immediately, there are a lot of teenagers that still call the line. Just like adults, teenagers may find that meeting someone through a chat line is an exhilarating proposition. As a result, the warnings are ignored and the service is accessed despite the provider’s best efforts to prevent minors from entering the chat line.

Have you ever encountered a minor on a chat line? Have you ever suspected that you are chatting with someone under 18? Always make your best effort to ensure you are not engaging with a minor especially if it’s agreed to meet and go out in-person. Sexual contact of ANY KIND with a minor is illegal. There are no exceptions and no excuses. This can include touching, kissing, and sexual engagement. So protecting yourself and making smart choices is your best protection.

Potential consequences

An adult who touches a minor below the age of 16 can face a felony conviction of up to 40 years in prison depending on the severity of the crime and age. If the minor is over 16, it would be considered a misdemeanor. There is an exception to this very general rule. If you are less than 21 and the age difference is less than 4 years, a judge decides the severity of the crime, if any.

The consequences of any of these actions can have a life-changing outcome of which includes the requirement to register as sex offender in your state. When you are not sure, just say no. There will be other women and other opportunities to meet someone who won’t land you in jail or as sex offender.

In an effort to combat this activity from those who purposefully seek it out, police will often post fake profiles posing as underage girls on websites such as Craigslist as bait in order to attract pedophiles and potential sexual predators. This can include the chat lines as well. This is just one of many reasons not to engage in any activity with a minor. Starting a relationship with a minor can land you in big trouble, even if the relationship with the minor was consensual. You’re still liable even if the minor lied about his or her age. Someone lying about age is not a defense, even with a fake photo Identification. In addition, there’s been cases of teenage girls using chat lines extort or blackmail older adult men. The reasons can go on and on. None of them have a positive outcome.

It’s all your fault

There have been cases in the past where the adult in question has attempted to blame the chat line. However, the chat line has inevitably prevailed in court as they are very clear both in their website and on the line that chat lines are for adult callers only. Chat lines are not liable for what happens in a personal meeting. It’s the responsibility of the caller to say no to a minor. Case closed. As the adult you must be strong minded and very careful at all times.

It is usually underage girls on the chat lines since women can call most chat lines for free. Underage males are less likely to access chat lines because they lack the money to pay for a membership. However, they can still access free trials, so be careful.

What to do if you encounter a minor on a chat line?

  • Never agree to meet in person.
  • Do not have sex‚Ķever.
  • Do not engage in any sexual discussion or talk over the phone.
  • Report the user to chat line moderators.
  • Ask for his or her removal from the system.
  • Report extortion/blackmail activities to police.