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10 Ways To Boost Your Self Confidence With Girls

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Girls can be tricky and self confidence is easier said than done. We totally get you! Here are 10 of the best tips to up your game with the girls!

#1 Find the look that work best for you!

No matter how superficial it may sound, it is true that one of the most crucial elements in attracting a woman is through looks. No, you don’t have to look like Zac Efron, Channing Tatum or any of the famous guys today. You just have to simply be the best you! It can be as simple as getting a better haircut, adding or losing a few pounds, taking better care of your skin and maintaining a fresh minty breath!

#2 Learn to dress well.

Create a striking impression by showing up on a great outfit. Women are attracted to men who dress up in a way that emphasizes their masculinity. Depending on your body type and complexion, you should follow a fashion style that helps you stand out. Knowing that you look good can absolutely boost your confidence a hundred times!

#3 Have a lit social media presence.

Women don’t like it when men appear to be excessively vain on social media. It turns them off! When it comes to posting selfies – go easy on them. It is better to post candid pictures of you engaging in fun activities such as sports, volunteering, going out with your friends and family and hustling in your business or workplace.

#4 Be interesting in conversations!

Always have something fun to contribute to the conversation. The best way to do this is by educating yourself, broadening your knowledge about social issues and having an opinion about things. Being able to articulately express yourself especially in front of a woman you like is one of the best skills you will ever have!

#5 Practice talking to a woman on chat line.

What can be a better way to enhance your conversational skills than to actually pick up the phone and talk to a girl? This will help you understand how a woman’s mind works when talking to you. You can learn about what topics interests you and which ones you need to work on. For the most part, this helps you get used to the feeling of being nervous which pretty much gets a huge part of the work done.

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#6 Learn from the women in your life.

The women who you already interact with can help you boost your confidence when it comes to talking to girls that you are attracted to. They can give you practical tips and honest evaluation so you can further improve. Try to listen and really understand what they have to say because in reality, attracting the woman that you want would involve a lot of listening.

#7 Have the right group of male friends.

Choose friends that have your back and get rid of the ones that want you only for favors – as simple as that. True friends will help you build your self-esteem and develop your personality while the not so good ones will only pull you down.

#8 Be a real gentleman.

This goes without saying. A way to be more confident around girls is by knowing in your heart that you are likable! What could be more likable than a guy who is a real gentleman? In both words and actions, always show courtesy and kindness. There is something classy and elegant with the way a gentleman moves and speaks and it is hard for a girl to resist one when she sees one.

#9 Compliment yourself.

This simply means to be mindful of the things that you do right and well. Yes, you screw up and make mistakes multiple times in a day – don’t let it bring your confidence down. Focus on the positive things and let it build you up.

#10 Focus on your awesomeness!

The truth is, you will not feel 100% confident all the time. There will be moments of awkwardness and even embarrassment – but so what? Everybody has those experiences and it is completely natural. The goal is to maintain a mindset of confidence – not just the feeling or emotion. Believe that you possess the qualities of an attractive and charismatic man because you do!

Confidence makes a man a hundred times sexier! Ladies are keen observers. Show that you are up to the challenge. Always standout by keeping these helpful tips in mind. Be at your best, stay confident and prepare to be irresistible to the girls!